I have been a client of Elite Ladders for a long time. Over that time I have seen nothing but GREAT improvements to the script. The staff has always been there when I need them and they are committed to the continual improvement of the script. The new features and mods have been extremely nice. We had previously used another CMS as the "front end" of our site with EGL working from links off of that CMS.
We decided to remove the other CMS and use only EGL. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Our signups increased 5 times in just a month! Everyone loves the look and feel of the latest system and it shows on our site!
There is not another ladder/tournament script that is even close to EGL! (Trust me...I've seen them all) I'm confident that future improvements will only set them further apart from the others. For me EGL is the only way to go!

Matt - Gamers For a Cure




Brilliant! Thankfully I found this superb script before I committed programmer to make one. Saved me $3500 and 4 months and even then it would never have been as good as this or as reliable. The bespoke design is probably mainly responsibible for the increased rate of members signing up . More importantly though, the recent script update has made challenging and match reporting a breeze and members are now creating far more matches. This kinda starts a ever growing snowball and the site has gotten incredibly busy. This script attracts the members and then keeps them there. Surely, that's the Holy Grail! I couldn't recommend this script highly enough and the support team and speed of theme and Mod changes is great.

Steve - PS3Leaderboard.com



"After trying many different scripts that all promised great things but ended up being a bag of nuts and bolts we came across EGL. We were very sceptical at first but after trying the demo and checking the forums we decided to take the plunge and haven't looked back since. EGL have provided an excellent script which will do everything they say it can, Its easy to install (took me 30 mins start to finish) and it worked straight from the box within an hour we had a fully working site. They also provide back up in their forums and along with an excellent community, most issues that you may have are resolved with very little fuss. If you want a script that works then EGL is the one"

Joseph Bailey/Bailey Concepts Inc. - Pro Game Battles




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